The Non Surgical treatment options could vary amongst the following

Diet and exercise- Where a realistic weight loss targets are set keeping in mind eating habits and exercise fitness level .Some people wish to loose all the accumulated excess weight quickly, more often which is not right and this could create problems. Half to 1 Kg of weight per week weight loss target is ideal .

Dieting alone can never help one lose weight, as one may put back the lost weight if exercise is not done .By dieting alone, BMR (Basal metabolic rate ) reduces hence body fat burning process slows down to conserve energy and one may not loose desired weight .It needs to be combined with exercise.

Exercise in form of Flexibilty ,Weight training , Yoga or a combination of above is advised .If any issues like Knee Joint pain or backpain is present specific excercises to reduce it are advised as well . Our trained Physiotherapist demonstrate and advise specific excercises as well.

Non Surgical Weight Loss Procedures – The Intra Gastric balloon (Endoscopic intragastric balloon) is a relatively new weight loss procedure that makes patients feel full sooner by placing a durable silicon balloon in the stomach, leading to significant weight loss.

It is advisable for people who have tried and failed to loose weight inspite of Dieting and exercise ,it goes without saying that even after the procedure proper diet and exercise are a necessity to be followed

Weight Loss medications – Unfortunately there are so many medications available on internet which claim to produce weight loss. Infact very few medicines produce durable weight loss ,taken under expert supervision. Over the counter medications taken without medical advise may land one into problems with liver or renal toxicity.