Laparoscopic Intestinal Surgery

Laparoscopic Intestinal Surgery

All intra-abdominal surgeries are known as Gastrointestinal surgeries. These surgeries can be on the Intestine or the solid organs within the abdomen. These can be done through the Laparoscopic route or through open surgical route. The choice of the surgery is usually either given to the patient or the surgeon chooses the form of the surgery according to the patient’s disease and the safety of the procedure in a given setting.

These surgeries include simple surgeries like Gall Bladder surgeries, Laparoscopic Intestinal Surgery and all the malignancies associated with the intra-abdominal organs and organ transplantation.

All the General surgeons are trained to tackle Gastrointestinal emergencies including gastrointestinal malignancies.

All the Laparoscopic surgeons are trained to do almost all the intra-abdominal surgeries, however the results may differ from surgeons to surgeons depending on the training and the experience (the general surgeons have to have additional training and experience to conduct laparoscopic surgeries).

In India , special Mch. courses have been initiated for specialised gastrointestinal work like Cancers of the Liver and Pancreas and organ transplantation. However, not all Mch. courses teach Laparoscopic surgeries and the surgeons have to train fro these surgeries separately.